Toralei Stripe Doll

Toralei Stripe Doll


Released: December 2011

Price: $199.99

Description: This the original Toralei Stripe doll, with Toralei of course being the daughter of The Werecat. And an orange werecat at that. If you’re looking for a lovable character then Toralei isn’t for you – there’s no doubting that she’s a definite mean girl with a sarcastic purr! Nonetheless she does sometimes have a softer side and the doll is awesome!

Why Choose The Toralei Stripe Doll: She also comes with her pet Sweet Fang, a totally lovable tiger cub!

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Our In-Depth Review:

The Toralei Stripe doll is one of the newer Monster High dolls and she is a really unique looking doll. If you are a fan of the Webisodes you will notice that the doll is a little different to the character – i.e. she doesn’t have fangs painted on and she has a ‘human’ nose and not a cat’s nose, but apart from that she is the same.

The doll’s hair is held firmly in place and feels hard, so I wouldn’t recommend brushing it because it will lose its shape. The stripes on her hair are painted on so I’m guessing these would come out, so it’s best to leave her hair as it is.

You can remove the tail from the doll so dressing her is much easier, you can just clip it back into place once you have finished. Toralei’s hands are really unique as they have gloves moulded to them which have what looks like metal studs on them.

The doll, like most in the Monster High range comes with a doll stand which is really useful if you want to keep your doll on display when it’s not being played with. She also comes with her pet Sweet Fang who is a sabre tooth tiger, a diary, a hairbrush (which you probably won’t need to use) and a purse that has a really cute charm on it.

All in all this is a great doll of one of the newer characters and like all of the others it can be posed in lots of different ways.


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