Original Cleo De Nile Doll

Original Cleo De Nile Doll


Released: July 2010

Price: $95.47

Description: Cleo de Nile, the daughter of the mummy, is a perfectionist and a diva at Monster High. She is the girlfriend of Deuce Gordon, and the younger sister of Nefera de Nile. Although, younger? She is already 5,842 years old! In the basic version, Cleo de Nile wears leggings and a top made of yellow/gold mummy wrappings, and a turquoise strapped top over it. To make sure everyone notices she is an Egyptian princess, Cleo wears a lot of golden accessories like earrings, bracelets, a belt and a headdress.

Why Choose The Original Cleo Doll: The basic Cleo de Nile doll is one of the Monster High icons and should be part of any Monster High collection!

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Our In-Depth Review:

This is the first Cleo de Nile doll that was brought out and it is still one of the most favorite dolls according to Monster High fans, from all of the different ranges – however it has been updated and given a new outfit, which is why many collectors will want to own this doll.

The outfit that the Cleo doll is wearing is inspired by Egyptian roots and consists of a turquoise and blue striped top with metallic detail, a black and gold miniskirt, black leggings with bandage in detail and armbands that feature the same design as the leggings.

Cleo’s belt is gold coloured and looks like an Egyptian item of jewellery, she is wearing simple triangular shaped earrings and a choker necklace with studding around it. Her shoes are platform style sandals that are turquoise with a gold heel with cutaway detail.

Cleo’s hair is black with pink and blue streaks and gold tinsel effects which makes her hair look really shimmery, to give the style more edge it has been cut at an angle. She wears a simple gold rope headband in place to hold down her fringe.

The doll comes with a hair brush, Cleo’s school diary, a purse and a doll stand which is ideal for displaying Monster High dolls. The limbs of the doll can be moved to pose her in different ways and as you can take the arms and legs of the doll it is much easier to change her outfit when needed.


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